Global Village Held at ISSAC at U of S

The Confucius Institute participated in "Global Village" held at ISSAC.

On March 10, 2016, “Global Village” held at ISSAC at the University of Saskatchewan attracted a lot of students as well as staff members. Prior to the opening speech, the Dragon and Lion Dance Group of the Confucius Institute performed the lion dance, which brought the activity to a lively and exciting start.

International students from more than ten countries set up cultural display platforms in ISSAC, including those from China, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and many other countries. The normally quiet ISSAC really became a global village where you could see various unique cultures: different food and drinks, different religions, different languages, different music, different traditional games, etc.

Representing China, the Confucius Institute brought with them a good deal of Chinese cultural activities such as Chinese chess, classical Chinese puzzle game – Huarongdao, Chinese calligraphy, etc. Students here rarely had chances to learn about and experience eastern cultures, thus feeling quite curious about these “mysteries”. They were soon happily involved in learning how to write Chinese characters with writing brushes and the rules involved in playing Chinese chess and Chinese games.

Within just two hours or so, all the participants tasted different foods and drinks, experienced different customs and traditions, and broadened their international vision.