U of S China Day at Marquis Culinary Center

The Confucius Institute participated in "International Street Food" activity at Marquis Culinary Center

In February, 2016, the University of Saskatchewan has been carrying out a series of international activities. This week saw the “International Street Food” activity at Marquis Hall, the main dining hall for university staff and students. Thursday, February 25, was China Day.

By 11 am, decoration had already been finished with Chinese-style big red lanterns, Chinese knots, panda dolls, etc. And the food service area had already been filled with a great variety of delicious Chinese food.

At 11:30, the Chinese culture display started. Miss Hui Jiao, head of the UCCC (Undergraduate Chinese Culture Club) of the Confucius Institute at the University of Saskatchewan performed Chinese traditional musical instrument, Hulusi, to the crowded audience. Next came the more exciting lion dance. The energetic and funny lion dance, together with the lively and rhythmic music, Gangnam Style, attracted the attention of all the audience in the dining hall and aroused a burst of applauses and cheers. Then the lion and the dragon paraded along the corridor in the dining hall. Finally, on the request of the staff members of the dining hall, the lion and the dragon walked into the kitchen to take photos together with the staff members, making the staff members overjoyed.