2024 Saskatoon Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Celebration

Saskatoon, January 13, 2024 – the 2024 Saskatoon Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Celebration was held at Lakeview Church in Saskatoon.

The '2024 Saskatoon Year of the Dragon Spring Festival Celebration,' held at Lakeview Church in Saskatoon, was co-organized by the Confucius Institute at the University of Saskatchewan (USask CI), Happy Life Wealth Management Inc., and the Chinese Dance School of Saskatchewan. The event drew an enthusiastic audience of over 700.

Distinguished speakers at the Spring Festival celebration included Kevin Waugh, Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-Grasswood; Liangzhi Luo, Founder of Happy Life Wealth Management Inc.; and Aaron Martyniw, Regional Vice President of the Royal Bank of Canada. Ms. Yanhong Liu, Co-Director of USask CI, conveyed a message on behalf of Xiusheng Wang, Deputy Consul-General of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Calgary. Additionally, Yongjun Zhang, Minister-Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Canada, and Dr. Darcy Marciniuk, Associate Vice-President Research at the University of Saskatchewan and Chair of the USask CI Management Committee, graced the event with their presence.


 MP Kevin Waugh, the sponsor representative, RBC Regional VP Mr. Aaron Matyniw and guest speakers (photo by Desheng Guo and Fen Wang)

USask CI & CDSS Dragon and Lion Dance (photo by Desheng Guo)

USask CI Dance Team (photo by Desheng Guo)

USask CI Guzheng Performance (photo by Desheng Guo)

The festive occasion, adorned with a variety of performances, highlighted talents from the local Chinese community, Indigenous dancers, Afghan singers, and the vibrant Saskatoon Salsa Dance group. The performances, ranging from enchanting dances by the Chinese Dance School of Saskatchewan (CDSS) to poetic recitations by Bright Horizons Chinese School and martial arts displays by the Chinese Martial Arts Academy, showcased the enduring beauty of traditional Chinese culture. The Saskatoon Spring Choir and Water Cube Cup Outstanding Singers added a melodic touch, while the Linglong Han Society mesmerized the audience with traditional Chinese attire under the theme 'Da Ming Yi Guan.' The indigenous dance, Latin Dance, and the Afghan Choir contributed to the eclectic mix, creating an audio-visual feast for the captivated audience. Beyond sheer entertainment, the Spring Festival celebration stood as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of diverse cultures and the promotion of cultural exchanges built on principles of respect and diversity.

Indigenous Dance by St. Frances Cree Bilingual School (photo by Desheng Guo)

Chinese Martial Arts Academy (photo by Desheng Guo)

Chinese Dance School of Saskatchewan (photo by Jiajie Zhang)

Sound of Afghanistan (photo by Jiajie Zhang)

 Bright Horizon Chinese School (photo by Desheng Guo)

Saskatoon Salsa Dance Co. (photo by Desheng Guo)

Saskatoon Spring Choir (photo by Desheng Guo)

Linglong Hanfu Society (photo by Desheng Guo)