U of S CI Participated in New Students’ Orientation

The Confucius Institute at the University of Saskatchewan took part in the “Welcome Night Social” and the “Campus Expo at Orientation”.

The “Welcome Night Social” was organized by ISSAC (International Student and Study Abroad Center) at Education Building on September 1, 2017 to help new international students to immerse into the campus community. The U of S CI brought Chinese shuttlecock game to the event. Many international students joined in the game and made friends through playing games with each other.  


Chinese Shuttlecock Game

The “Campus Expo at Orientation” was organized by the Student and Enrolment Service Division at the Bowl on September 5, 2017 as a major part of the overall campus orientation to help new students get to know the various institutions of the university. The U of S CI brought to the Expo a lot of quintessential Chinese cultural souvenirs such as the Chinese knots, Pekin Opera masks, panda toys, backpacks with panda design, etc. A lot of students lined up to take part in the “How much do you know about China” quiz in order to win the lovely souvenirs.

Along with the Chinese-style souvenirs on the table are the posters for the CI Chinese language courses and culture courses. Many students expressed their interest in Chinese language and culture learning. Some students registered the Chinese language courses on the spot and many others said they would register later in the CI office or in the classes. 


The U of S CI Booth


Register for Chinese Language Course

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